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The Provincial Proficiency Scale and Descriptive

The Provincial Proficiency Scale and Descriptive Feedback

The use of the Provincial Proficiency Scale gives students, parents and caregivers a clear understanding of what students can do now and areas for future growth. The proficiency scale is already used with many students on the Sunshine Coast to communicate student learning. By the 2023-24 school year, all teachers of students Kindergarten to Grade 9 will use this proficiency scale when communicating about student learning.

The Descriptive Feedback included in the Learning Updates and Summary (report cards) provides students and families with information on strengths; areas for growth and opportunities for further development. These changes reflect that learning is ongoing, rather than signaling that learning is done. Lifelong learning is supported by shifting the focus to developing competencies rather than the achievement of

marks. High provincial standards are maintained by focusing on helping all students attain proficiency in their learning.

To listen to a 60-minute webinar on the upcoming changes to Communicating Student Learning, including information on the proficiency scale, please visit this
link: In this session District Principal Kirsten Deasey and Chatelech Vice Principal Desiree Harris share information on the research, the changes and their experiences with using the proficiency scale and Standards Based Assessment.

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