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Chatelech Growing A Family



to Chatelech!

Our school is a special place.  We strive to be a community of learners and encourage all members – staff, students, and parents – to be actively engaged in making the school a warm, inviting place.   Many of our students are involved in a variety of activities encompassing the arts, athletics, and academics. Although we are a small community school, we consistently try to provide our students with experiences that would broaden their worldview and allow diverse options at graduation.


We continue to promote our Core Values in school life regularly asking students how they can demonstrate integrity, responsibility, empathy and respect in daily life.  This pandemic, which has caused so many of us to make changes to how we live, stresses how important these values are during this new normal.  We need to continually treat each other with care and kindness.  We will continue to strive to make our school environment a place where our students can learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment. 


We welcome feedback from our community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Stay tuned for updated events in our latest edition of the SWAAG .  An updated SWAAG with all school events will be emailed out to our community each week.  Any questions regarding school events should be directed to Mrs. Emily Bachand at 604-885-3216 or by email at

Welcome to 2023-2024 at Chatelech Secondary School. 

Revised Cell Phone Policy

All students in Grades 8-10 will not be able to use their phone during instructional time including FLEX.  Students are asked to keep cell phone/personal devices in their locker or turn them off and place in their bag before entering a classroom.  Students in Grades 8-10 will be able to use their phone before and after school as well as lunch.  Lunch is from 12:00 -12:45.  

All Grade 11-12 students will not be able to use their phones during instructional time.  Students will be able to use them during FLEX and study blocks as we feel that students at this stage of their educational journey need to learn to regulate their use independently.  

We wish to stress to everyone that the decision to move forward with this policy was made after a great deal of time was spent researching the adverse effects of cell phone use is on our student’s ability to engage and focus. We are not punishing students; rather, we are trying to have students learn to self-regulate their use. We appreciate the work both our District and CSS staff have put into collecting data to support this policy. We will be conducting data collection over the remainder of the year to gauge how the policy is impacting student learning.  

We thank you in advance, as part of our greater CSS learning community, for supporting the ongoing work we are doing to implement this policy.

Please note, if you need to connect with your child due to an emergency or need to share a message, please contact the front office at (604)885-3216 and they will ensure that we connect with your child. We have also reached out to many of the employers on the Coast to ensure that they are not communicating with our students via text or by phone during instructional time.   

Thank you everyone and we look forward to a wonderful year!

CSS Administration

All students in Grade 12 and who plan on graduating in 2023 need to ensure that they have completed a Capstone project.  Please see Mr. Fawcus for more information.


October 12th – 19th in room 128


Please click on the link below to access the BC School Sport Website for more information on school sports.

  • Jr Girls Volleyball
  • Sr Girls Volleyball
  • Sr Boys Volleyball
  • Cross Country Running
  • Jr Girls Basketball
  • Sr Girls Basketball
  • Jr Boys Basketball
  • Sr Boys Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Ski and Snowboard
  • Hockey (not part of BCSS)
  • Jr Boys Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Track & Field
  • Golf
  • Ultimate
  • Mountain Biking


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