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Our Staff

Classroom Teachers

Name Subject Area Email
Ms. A. Allen Foods 8, Food Studies 10, Food Studies 11-12
Mr. Q. Campbell Grade 10-12 Math (Mr. Campbell's Website)
Mr. G. Davis English, Drama, Philosophy 12 & Psychology 12
Ms. D. Denora Choices, Learning Assistance
Ms. R. Erichson Digital Literacy 8, Creative Writing 10
Mr. J. Fawcus Socials 9, CLE 10, CLC 12, Careers 9
Mr. P. Francis English 8-9, Shine On, Learning Assistance
Mr. D. Hindmarch Physical Education 8, Fitness and Conditioning 11-12, Health 8
Mrs. L. Judd Socials 10, Creative Writing 10, Genocide Studies 12
Mr. T. Kellough Music Media 8, Concert/Jazz Band
Ms. M. Kelly Science 8, Math 8, Workplace Math 10
Ms. A. Kennelly English 10, English 11, Drama 9, Geography 12
Ms. M. Kline Francophone
Ms. A. Legault English 8, English 9, English 12
Ms. A. Liddicoat Career Education 10-12, Science 8-9
Mr. J. Mani Outdoor Ed 10-12, Photography 11-12, Media Arts
Ms. M. Marsh Science 8, Biology 11 & 12, Textiles
Ms. B. Masich Skills App 10-12
Mr. P. McConnell Science 8-10, Physics 11 & 12
Ms. C. McCrone Math 9, Math 10, Financial Literacy 9
Mr. G Michaeli Skills Applications 8-12
Mr. R. Millican Social Studies 8, Law 12, Socials 11
Mr. M. Mocellin French 8-9, Coding and Computers 9
Ms. R Poulsen Indigenous Education
Mr. B. Scarr Physical Education 9, Health 9
Mr. K. Shaw Art 8-12
Mr. D. Teichrob Workplace 11, Earth Science 11, LA
Mr. K. Teichrob Workplace 10, Learning Assistance
Ms. K. Wagner Shine On
Ms. C. Rouse Science 10, Chemistry 11 & 12
Ms. Marial Yglesias Spanish

Support Teachers

Name Role Email
Ms. T. Pierce Counselor
Mr. S. Smith Counselor, Grade 11-12
Mr. P. Francis Student Support Teacher
Ms. D. Denora Student Support Teacher
Mr. D. Teichrob Student Support Teacher
Ms. K. Teichrob Student Support Teacher
Ms. T. Saigeon Indigenous Support Teacher
Mr. P. Fauchon Lab Assistant
Ms. N. Sharkey Librarian
Ms. H. Baron ELL Support Teacher

Support Staff

Name Role
Ms. B. McDonell Education Assistant
Ms. S. Mackenzie Education Assistant
Ms. U. Dornbierer Education Assistant
Ms. U. Hadeler Education Assistant
Ms. N. Brand Education Assistant
Ms. T. Nason Education Assistant, Shine On
Ms. L. Leskie Education Assistant, Shine On
Ms. C. Weirstra Education Assistant, Shine On
Mr. D. Dixon Indigenous Support Worker
Ms. K. Dixon Indigenous Support Worker
Ms. M. Dixon Indigenous Support Worker
Ms. T. Thomsen Library Assistant
Ms. L. Lindhagen Community School Coordinator

Office Staff

Name Role Email
Mr. Mark Sauer Principal
Ms. Rae-dene Pednaud Vice Principal
Mrs. Luba Arduin Administration Assistant
Ms. Lori Demeter Student Records
Ms. Emily Bachand Office Assistant
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