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School Growth Plan

CSS Growth Plan

Over the past few years the CSS Community has engaged in an evaluation of our programs and educational practices.  Our aim is to align our School Growth Plan with Ministry Core Competencies and the SD46 Strategic Plan while ensuring that learning goals and collective values are in line with our community needs.  As a result, data was collected through various modes including student, staff, and parent feedback.

The focus of the Student Voice Forums (current and past students) and collaboration amongst the CSS Staff was to generate a list of specific points that we could address to ensure that our students were accessing the necessary skills needed to be successful upon graduation.  The findings were grouped into common themes which were then categorized into broad values. 

Core Values

RESPECT   is feeling regard and even admiration for yourself and for others; it is being thoughtful and considerate

EMPATHY  is the ability to move beyond ourselves, to identify with others, respect the views of others

INTEGRITY is an extension of honesty; it is doing the right thing even if no one is watching. 

RESPONSIBILITY is being accountable, doing our best to meet our commitments, and to keep our word.


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