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Principal’s Message

Chatelech Secondary is a warm and inviting place. At CSS, we strive to provide students with the most variety possible whether it is in our athletics or arts programs, our extracurricular clubs, or method of instruction. We offer a wide variety of athletic options and encourage students to invest into an activity that promotes physical well-being. The arts at CSS has always been an inspiration. Our theatrical plays, student artwork, and musical programs have always received high praise for their level of professionalism. We offer a wide range of clubs and activities for our students and this variety demonstrates the diversity of our students’ interests. Whether it be time spent on the Climbing Wall, a foray into a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or involvement in our Drag Racing team to name a few, students, and staff, can find a place to enrich their learning experience or just have fun with friends.

As your Principal I am excited about all the opportunities for growth you will have at your disposal. Be involved! A school is more than just an interstate of learning – it is a vibrant community that is only as strong as the people who choose to invest in it. Seek out new ways to enrich your experience, and in the process, we can ensure that all students who walk through our front doors will feel welcomed, safe, and inspired to be the best they can be.

Warm Regards,

Mark Sauer

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