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Safer Schools Family Sessions | Establishing Safe, Caring, & Respectful Digital Communities

📢 Join Safer Schools for an upcoming training session on establishing safe, caring, and respectful digital communities! 🌐💙

📅 Save the dates:

→January 17

→January 23

→February 7

→February 28

This training session is recommended for parents, caregivers, grandparents, and youth aged 10 and up. It’s a great opportunity to facilitate conversations about safe and caring technology use at home and in the community. The session will last for 60 minutes.

The session will cover a range of important topics, including:

🌟 Being a good digital citizen

❗️ Consequences of cyberbullying

🔒 Reporting and receiving support for sexting and sextortion cases

They will also address current concerns regarding social media platforms, smartphones, and artificial intelligence. You’ll gain valuable insights into:

📱 Digital media habits, oversharing, and digital addiction

💻 The permanence of online posts and activity

🔍 Managing your digital tattoo and how it impacts others’ perceptions (e.g., sports teams, college admissions, employers)

💙 Caring for peers both online and offline

⚠️ Dangers of social media and cell phone misuse related to geo-locational settings 🚫

 Legal and social consequences of cyberbullying and possession/distribution of intimate images ⭐ An anonymous student reporting tool to enhance online and offline safety for you and your friends

Join us on this journey to build safer and friendlier digital communities. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to learn, engage, and protect yourself online.

Register now! 📝👉

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