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2nd Annual Gift Card Drive

On behalf of the CSS PAC, we would like to appeal to our wonderful Chatelech Students and
Families to address the need at our school for new FOOTWEAR, CLOTHES, and FOOD – some
of the many things most of us take for granted.

The “Culture of Care” value at Chatelech inspires all of us to look beyond ourselves to the
needs of others and support them where we can.

A gift card/gift certificate drive allows people to shop locally or online, to obtain much needed
items that meet their size, style and taste needs, in a discrete and supportive way. It empowers
them by allowing them to fit in, feel a part of the larger community and know they are cared for.
Please consider purchasing a Gift Card at a vendor you like or at a local grocery store and/or re
gift a gift card you already have that has been going unused.

Gift Cards can be dropped off at the Office until the end of the school year and will be kept in a
secure container. Our HMBCCSA Chatelech Community School Coordinator will arrange to
distribute gift cards to those who have shared their needs to her in confidence.

Thank you for your support

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